bul. "Tzar Osvoboditel" № 93. Varna, Bulgaria * CellPhone: +359 889 301 641

Mimoza Hotel * Spa Center * Golden Sands, Bulgaria * CellPhone: +359 889 301 641
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The dental surgeries of ”Dr. Gogushev” are private healthcare establishments, opened with Order № РД-18-555/26.01.1996 of the Ministry of healthcare, with manager the dentist – specialist, Dr. Georgi Gogushev. They have contract concluded with the Regional Health insurance fund.

The dental office in Varna is located in the immediate vicinity of the St. Anna - Varna Hospital (District Hospital) and just above the Gabrovski lighting center. Its location makes it easy for patients to reach and is close to the city's main thoroughfares.

The dental surgery in the Golden sands resort is situated in the SPA center of the Mimoza hotel and services all guests of the hotel and the resort.